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    Grand Am Owners!

    I have recently gotten a 2001 Grand Am SE, and I just relized the driver side rear speaker wasn't working. I was going to replace them with new 6x9's in the future, but now that I found out the speaker doesn't work I am going to replace them real soon. I just don't know how to replace them. Is there any Grand Am owners out there that know how to replace them? You can' just drop them down into the trunk, you have to take them out thourgh the top. HELP, I need to find out how to replace them soon.

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    allright here is what i did!!! I had the same problem as you and it took me forever to figure out what to do!! what i did was took a pair of pliars and unscrewed the screw as far as i could, then took a punch and popped them out. after that yopu can just lift the speakers up a little and twist them so they will come out of the hole. trust me they will come down. what i then did was found sheet metal screws and held the speaker up to the hole and screwed it in. it is not actually sitting inside the hole anymore but they are there and not moving. think of it as taking a sum from the box putting it on the inside and screwing form the back. i hope this helps and if you have any questions i am at

    [email protected]

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