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Reload Thread: 2 1200 watt amps, bigger battery and alt.???

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    Icon32 2 1200 watt amps, bigger battery and alt.???

    ok im going to run 2 Kicker KX1200.1 amps with 1 Kicker Solo-Baric 04S15L7 15" sub and 2 Kicker Solo-Baric L5 05S12L54 12" Subs in a 1998 Jeep Cherokee with stock power supply.
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    Re: 2 1200 watt amps, bigger battery and alt.???

    you shouldnt run 2 different sizes.

    you should upgrade the battery

    you should post model numbers so we can help you better

    welcome to the board btw

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    Re: 2 1200 watt amps, bigger battery and alt.???

    Quote Originally Posted by BloodThirst
    I need some help i need to know what kind of power im gonna need to push to run 2 1200 watt kicker amps 1 15 kicker sub and 2 12 kicker subs. im hoping some finds out.
    Doesnt really matter what kind of power. Go overkill, So later on your power equipment will be able to power a better system.

    Better than a 140 amp alternator, No more than a 250.

    A Deep Cycle battery, suggesting an Optima Yellow Top, call their customer service and tell them your vehicle type, and they will suggest two model numbers. One for the Red Top, and one for the Yellow Top. Go and buy the Yellow top model.

    THEN, have your new alternator installed by a certified professional. preferably someone certified to work on your brand of car..
    Make sure the zero gage power cables running to your trunk are all fused with the correct amperage. Try to get your hands on a capacitor of 10+ Farads. Hybrid capacitors are OK.

    For battery terminals and power/speaker wire. visit the following sites.

    To LEARN about the EXACT power figures you will need and that you will consume, read everything relavent to your question on this website.

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