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    Can 2 single VC sub wire together??
    They r both 4 ohms

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    depending on how you run them, if you run them in parallel i.e. + to + and - to - , connect the 2 +'s to the amplifer on the appropriate terminal for Bridging the Amp, and the same goes for the -'s. This would give the load of 2 ohms to the amp. Wiring the subs in series 2 4 ohm subs will equal 8 ohms. Wiring in series is the + for bridging goes to the + or the first sub then the - of that sub is connected to the + of the 2nd sub and the - of that goes back to the amp. Now this will present a large load for the amp and I would not suggest using the Series wiring. Now it comes down to does your amp handle a 2 ohm load? If the 2 speakers were Dual Voice Coils with 2 4 ohm VC's, then with the 2 speakers it would be a 4 ohm load to the amp. Confusing???? check this page out for answer to all of your many man questions

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