I currently have a 97 F150 single cab with 2 solo baric L7 12's 2ohm DVC's in a sealed box. I am using a JBL BP1200.1 running it at 2 ohms. I would like to try running my system with one sub but in a ported enclosure. I do not have room for 2 in a ported enclosure. My current box is sealed and divided giving each sub right at 1.5 ft^3. Kicker recommends a 1.75ft^3 minimum for the ported enclosure. My box has a top depth of 7'' and a bottom depth of 9''. The box is 14'' tall because of the way the truck is constructed. I have about 45-50 inches of width for the box. Can someone give me some instructions on building a ported enclosure tuned to about 40hz as recommended by kicker? I am new to box building so please give me some detailed instructions. Also does anyone make subsonic filters that you can buy separate? My amp doesn't have one built in. One last question...will it be worth trying this or will it only be as loud or maybe not as loud as my current setup with 2 12's in the sealed box? Thanks for the help.