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Reload Thread: Adding speakers to third row '03 windstar

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    Adding speakers to third row '03 windstar

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a newbie question. I have a 2003 ford windstar LX. My three children currently sit in the second and third rows. Unfortunately, the windstar only has 4 speakers, 2 in the front and 2 in the second row. My oldest son, who usually sits in the third row, complains that he cannot hear the sound of the speakers whether its music or the vcr playing. I know that this sound issue is compounded because the windstar only has speakers in the 2nd row and not also in the 3rd row. I have searched high and low for other people trying to install a third set of speakers but have been unsuccessful.

    One simple solution is to turn up the speaker volume but our concern is for our little one's ears who is only 1.5 yrs old and sits in the 2nd row. Hence we were thinking of adding a third row of speakers.

    I just go off the phone with a bestbuy audio installer who told me that I will need to get a 4 channel amp and connect it to the head unit and have the four rear speakers come out from the amp. He also told me that they would have to cut out a spot for the speakers in the third row since there are no pre-existing holes there.

    My questions are as follows:

    1. Is it worth it just to go to BestBuy or some place like that and have them install it for say about $500?
    2. Or is it better to try to install it myself (I have never tried car audio stuff before)?
    3. If it is worth trying myself, how do I even start? Does anyone have experience with the audio components of the 2003 windstar? How easy is it to connect a 4 channel amp and then connect a second set of rear speakers to it and find a place to put them etc... My windstar came with a cassette and CD player.

    Thank you ahead of time for your responses, Mundy5

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    Re: Adding speakers to third row '03 windstar

    I don't know if you're on a budget or not but if you've never custom fabricate car audio equipment before, then $500 for both products and installation of a 4 channel amp and cutout for 2 speakers would probably be worth it. If it's something you want to tackle yourself, it would require a lot of time and designing to do it.

    If you want to bring the budget a little bit lower, you can could do a 2 channel amp, and do 6x9 boxes and throw them under the seat. This will get sound out to the third row.

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