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Reload Thread: Issues with US Amps 2000X and Alpine Type X Sub

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    Issues with US Amps 2000X and Alpine Type X Sub

    Hey guys,

    Wondering if you could help me out here. I recently acquired a US Amps 2000x (which i think is still blown after being repaired.. but that's another story)

    I also have a single 12" Alpine Type-X Driver which is a Dual 4ohm Sub.

    Here are some stats for the 2000X Amp.

    First off, it's a 2-channel amp.

    Power per channel:
    4ohms: 500W
    2ohms: 1000W

    Bridged Power:
    8ohms: 1000W
    4ohms: 2000W

    Now, i would like my sub to take 1000W RMS from this amp. I'm confused as to how to hook this up.

    Currently, I have the Driver bridged in parallel (+ to + and - to - )
    It is then hooked up to the - and + on one of the amp channels. However, the driver doesn't seem to be getting much power.

    Any ideas?


    Hojo's System

    Headunit: Alpine CDA-9831
    In-Doors: Alpine SPS-460A
    Rears: Alpine SPS-690A
    Amp: Alpine MRD1001 1000W
    Driver: One 12" Alpine Type-X 1000W RMS
    0 Gauge wiring with gold plated terminals.

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    Re: Issues with US Amps 2000X and Alpine Type X Sub

    wire it like this

    and since you said the amp is probably blown, that would be why it isnt getting much power.

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