Hey guys, Im new here and just had a few questions regarding upgrading my sound system in my truck. I already have a 180-Watt Kenwood receiver/cd player but I am wondering what is the best product I can get at a good price for the rest of the system. I guess I would need a couple of subs, (hopefully mounted behind the rear seats) an amp, and new front and rear speakers. I would like to keep the total cost below $400, But if it reaches $500, that's ok too. I was thinking of maybe buying one of the new sub-amp combos that I have seen advetised recently, but am not sure if it is going to bump enough. Tell me what you guys recommend as far as equipment and a total set-up, and about how much you think it would cost. Thanks for the help guys. If it matters I have a '98 ranger xlt supercab.