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    Hooking up gauges

    Well I just got a volt and amp gauge to moniter my sysetm with. I know how to hook up the volt gauge, but the ampers gauge has me stumped. All I want it to do it measure how many amps my system is drawing(it could also be used to measure how many amps the entire car is using i.e alt, starter,ignition), but I just want it for the syetm.

    Now on the back of the amp gauge there is a + and - terminal. I tried hooking one into the + terminal on my amp and the other on the -. WOOPS! your not suppose to ground either terminal, I got a nice little spark from the that. Then I tried hooking both up to the + terminal on the amp, the needle dident budge, and yes the sysetm was on.I know the needel should jump every time the bass hits. There sunpro gauges if that matters. PLEASE HELP!

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    Re: Hooking up gauges

    i think you wire the amp gauge in series of the power wire. not quite sure so you may want to wait for other replie.

    if it's right, it would be like this:
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