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Reload Thread: how do i wire a memphis 500d to 2 jlw3 dual 2 ohm

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    how do i wire a memphis 500d to 2 jlw3 dual 2 ohm

    I was wondering how do i wire a memphis 500d amp that is a mono block amp that has two speaker outputs(wired in paralell inside the amp) to two jl w3's dual 4 ohm, into a two ohm load. The amp in not one ohm capable. please help me

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    It helps to have a multimeter for this just to check after you finish but here gooes.. On each sub take one piece of wire from the negative on one side to the positive of the other side.. you should now have one positive and one negative free attatch speaker wire from those twist the free wires from each sub positive to positive and negative to negative and put to the amp..It only comes out to 4 ohms but if it isn't stable below 2ohms you dont have much choice..Like I said though check the resistance before hooking up to the amp..should be right around 4 ohms.


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