Help! My JVC KD-SH77 head unit does not play CD anymore. This happened a few days ago. After listening to a CD disk for a while, I decided to change the disk. The unit ejected the disk ok, but then it rejected to insert CD disk anymore. The motorized slot simply didn't switch on to pull the disk. I tried several other disks, no result. I pressed the reset button that didn't help either. I pushed the reset button with the front panel open, and the disk moved in, but it did not help a lot, since the unit did not recognize the disk and only played FM radio. Besides the front panel remained open and wouldn't close. With a combination of the button for changing the front panel angle and the eject button I could eject the disk, and then I gave up. This was around the New Year Eve when the dealers were close, and then I couldn't find time to go there. Is this a problem anyone has any expereince with? <img src="confused.gif" border="0">