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Reload Thread: alt made by Excessive Amperage

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    alt made by Excessive Amperage

    I am looking into getting an alt made by excessive amperage but i wanted to get some peoples input first.

    Does anyone have one of their alts and if so how do you like it?
    What size do you have?

    If you don't, who did you have build your alt, and how well does it perform?
    What size is it?
    How much did it cost? (if you don't want to say that is fine)

    97 Monte Carlo
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    EQ(1) - 7 Band Preamp Graphic Equalizer (PEQ70)
    Rears(1 Pair) - 4-Way 6x9's (XP2K694)
    Fronts(1 Pair) - 2-Way 5 1/4's (XP2K52)
    Comp Set(1 Set) - 5 1/4 Component Set (XP2K50C)
    Comp Amp(1) - 4 Channel amp 960 watts max Plasma Sphere (TS960-4)
    Monitors(1) - 7" Widescreen TFT/LCD (PT713HRS)
    DVD H/U(1) - DVD Player (PADVD610)
    Box - 9 ft^3 box tuned to 35 hz.
    New System Yet To Be Determined. Although It Will Be All MA Audio.

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    Re: alt made by Excessive Amperage

    i got an alt from

    im working on checking the power at idle (~2000rpm)

    its a delco [email protected] 160amps (twice the stock power, 80amps) ill get it tested asap and see how it works. feel free to contact them, they have great ebay feedback and i myself contacted them about their product, and they can even get it powder coated. i have some pictures of it too on my girlfriends digital camrea - got it installed last saturday and it only took 1\2 hour or so. was really easy.

    so ill get back to you asap, maybe give them an email and ask if they can supply you with an alt in the power range you are looking for. ill check if their stats are what they claim soon.

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