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Reload Thread: where do i hook up my remote wire for my amp

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    where do i hook up my remote wire for my amp

    ok i have a rockford 1600 watt 2 channel amp and 2 12" audiobahn special series subs i think i have everything hooked up right except my remote wire. i have it ran to the radio fuse in my fuse panel and after listening to it for awhile it blows a fuse and my radio and my amp shut off can you tell me where to hook up the remote wire and why undefinedit keeps blowing fuses

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    Re: where do i hook up my remote wire for my amp

    why is it not wired to your deck? if it goes to your deck the amp will turn off when you turn your car off. honestly i have no idea why it keeps blowing the fuses. but im sure someone on this forum does. the only thing i can tell you is where the remote goes.

    In the wiring harness for your headunit, there should be a blue (or maybe yellow) wire that is your remote wire. you can splice the remote fire from your amp into it and use electrical tape (ghetto rigged).

    okay here's where the remote wire should go.


    back at it...

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    Re: where do i hook up my remote wire for my amp

    Hooking the remote wire to your radio fuse should work without blowing any fuses. The only bad thing is your amp will be on all the time and drain your battery. The current required for remote is usually very small, less than 1/2 amp. Either something is wrong with the amp or the other stuff on that fuse circuit is blowing it. If you run the remote wire to the correct wire (usually blue) on your head unit the power still comes through the radio fuse and it'll probably blow again anyway unless you figure out what's causing it.

    Radio fuses should be at least 10 amps. Is yours?

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