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Reload Thread: Does a low battery affect CD changer power??

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    Icon32 Does a low battery affect CD changer power??

    Hi everyone, I had a problem with my pioneer CD changer, it just didn't work one day when I turned my car on. Pushing the reset button didn't help, and when I looked inside, I saw a CD from the magazine that looked loaded, but was not spinning or moving at all. The eject button didn't work either. The display on the remote control was out too. I thought that the CD just got jammed somehow, but was a little suspicious of why the display didn't show anything at all especially an error message. So I unhooked the CD changer and have been too busy to take it to a shop. BUT, today, about 10 days after the CD changer stopped working, my battery was completely dead. I got a new battery today and before today everything like my headlights, radio, were fine... so what I am wondering is would the low battery 10 days ago have caused the CD changer to stop working?? (Since the battery died completely today, I am assuming it was low 10 days ago) Or should the CD changer power go out when the battery is completely dead and not a minute sooner?? Is it worth a shot to hook the CD changer back up with this new battery in now?

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    Re: Does a low battery affect CD changer power??

    The low battery probably did not cause the changer to fail. However, what's the harm in hooking it back up? It's not going to get more broken.

    Anyway, you don't have to fully install it to test it...just connect the power leads directly to your battery and plug in the controller.

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    Re: Does a low battery affect CD changer power??

    they might be completely unrelated, but...

    it woulde be good to know why the battery went. batteries have pretty predictable failure modes - old age, sulfation, or in the case of regular lead acid batteries, overdischarge and plate reversal. the CD changer going might just be a symptom of a problem...

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