Hey guys first post here and i'm not an expert on car audio but ive learned a lot from reading though forms and installing different setups on my cars. This is my first time installing a 4-channel amp and I am having a couple problems but the first and foremost is the cutting out of the RCA connected to the 4-channel amp. A quick overview of what I have in the small trunk (sc400)

-4 channel Soundstream amp, not sure what model it is I have to look doesnt show on the top of amp but it is an older soundstream and ive read that these are better than the newer ones (not sure if true) however when the RCAs are working my speakers sounds GREAT.

- head unit is some cheap kenwood for 49.99 from bestbuy only about a year old (saving for a good doubledin)

-mono skar 1500.1 connected via rca to the soundstream, works fine
- connected to single 10" type R alpine, sounds good but looking for higherpowered 12, since amp is good for 1000rms at 2 ohm and 1500 at 1 ohm

Main thing is the soundstream has different RCA inputs to both channels (each channel runs two speakers) and when first installed I was getting a lot of feedback from not putting on a "true" 2-male to 1 female splitter. Once swapped there is only a little feedback on cold starts but nothing loud and annoying like it was before. (read something about a pico fuse or something but ill look more into the soft feedback once the major issue is figured ot)

So when driving and going over small bumps the front speakers would stop working and only the rears would work. Obviously seemed like connection issue so i swapped the rca channels and then over bumps and periodically it would switch and only play the front speakers. This lead me to believe its a problem with the RCA wire and not the amp. ALL THE CONNECTIONS TO AMP AND SPLITTER SEEM TIGHT,

any common issues? or ideas before i pull the headunit or my seats/carpet looking for a pinched RCA wire. This RCA ran my skar amp perfectly before connecting it to the 4 channel so its very odd. When running only one channel and not using the splitter it will again cut one speaker out and ive determined the faulty RCA to be the black/clear input and not the red one.

ground ive been using for years without feedback however the ground is on the opposite side of the trunk than the amp (closer to the skar amp) which may be the cause of my little feedback