Just purchased 06 Pilot, love the car. Previous owner updated the factory audio with Pioneer RDX AVH-P3300 or 4300? this unit has DVD & BT. Anyhow, the install looks good with JL Audio JX 4 channel 100RMS; crossover and nice size sub in back of SUV; 6 speakers. This thing thumps and plays like you are in a concert all types of music. However, I am a newbie at this - first time ever had a decent audio system and we have intermittent static; maybe every 3, 4, 5 min usually just a little but sometimes lasting 3 - 5 seconds sometimes cutting in and out even with source off at radio; not sure if it happens more around power lines but the perception is there. Have tried inputs radio/bt from iphone and aux from iphone. With it cranked up you never notice the static so apparently the former owner won't have any hearing in 10 or 20 yrs; seriously I took it to one audio guy today and he suggested that since I don't need that much power that I get a "higher quality" smaller amp say 25w RMS and that might fix. (highest probability bad component) He said there was really no way to isolate issue if you pulled all components out and tested each that they would probably test fine. The next likely suspect would be to replace wiring. I am wondering if the problem can be identified or do we just shotgun parts as he is suggesting? Thank you for any and all suggestions - Bill