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    Gain settings for kicker 650.4

    Can anyone explain to me what to set my gains at for my amp
    Im running 2 sets of morel maximo 6.5 comps to two channels and the other two channels will be running 4 6x9s
    What should my amp settings be at
    bass boost
    imput hi or low

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    Re: Gain settings for kicker 650.4

    Gain - depends on what ur HU outputs for Voltage - u can do by ear by turning ur HU to 3/4 and turn up until u hear distortion then back off, use a ddm for voltage or use an oscope (oscope is best) (mine are set about halfway)
    Bass Boost - using components/coax u won't use bass boost so 0
    frequency - depends on what suits ur speakers, i would go about 120Hz HPF for fronts and depends on what ur 6x9s can handle u may do a little lower)
    Input - High or Off (with the comps i would put on High and 6x9 i would put on off)

    Head Unit - Clarion NX702 w/Backup Cam
    DSP - JBL MS-8
    Amp 1 - MB Quart 800.4 (Sub, Mid Bass)
    Amp 2 - MB Quart 600.4 (Tweeters/Mid Range, Center)
    Amp 3 - MB Quart 400.2 (Rears)
    Fronts Stage (3-Way) - CDT HD-6 (Mid Bass) CDT ES-03 (Mid Range) CDT DRT 26s (Tweeters)
    Center Stage - CDT HD-100 (Hi) CDT ES-03 (Lo)
    Rear Stage - CDT HD 6EX
    Sub - Sealed in Custom Box - 12" Sundown E12V2
    Deadened/MLV - All Doors and Trunk (Reckhorn 80mil)

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