Good Morning.

This will be my first post so please be gentle.

I have a 2007 Altima 2.5S with an OEM non-Bose stereo with manual climate controls. I will be installing a double-DIN Kenwood DDX371 headunit which I just bought from Crutchfield and should be arriving in a day or two.

Now the install kit that Crutchfield supplies ( scosche ) has that flat black look to it which I do not like at all. I am not sure if its the same with all their install kits. However i was able to find a dash plate from Nissan that will do the trick 2006-2008 Nissan Altima Navigation Installation Kit OEM

My first question is will I be able to use the rest of the Crutchfield supplied install kit with this Nissan plate on the front, or better yet as the plate is a Nissan part, would I be able to use the original metal parts from the OEM head unit already in the car?

Second question is general of the car itself. This is the first car I have owned that had a push button start. After I disconnect the neg cable from the battery do I need to do anything else electronically? Will I mess anything up with the push button start by disconnecting the battery? I am paranoid. I have read about the passenger-side airbag light and the process to reset it if needed but I am worried about any potential to mess anything else up.

My last question is really just advice. This new head unit has a rear USB connection in which I will be adding the USB extension cable included with the kit. Where would you advise I route the cable so that I can access it easily? I was thinking of drilling a hole into the little cubby under the climate controls where the DC plug is located. Is there any issue in doing this? I want to be able to plug in USB flash sticks with music on them or be able to plug in my iphone when I need without having to dig around for a cable. I had thought about running the cable to the glove box as a second option but I have a lot of crap in there.

Thank you for your time