Hey guys,

Here's my situation. I have a Kenwood KDC-MP822 deck, and I'm trying to get a Jensen LXA300 amp to work with it. At first, the amp worked, but only intermitently, and now whenever I turn on the stereo, a red LED that says "protect" blinks once. That's it, no power to the amp. The rca cables are hooked up to the low freq input, when it's hooked up to the passthrough input, the LED doesn't even blink.

It seems to be hooked up correctly, I've had it installed before in a different car just fine. There's definitely a voltage across the amp's power line, and a small voltage across the remote power line, but no current anywhere. I can't find any settings in the deck that would help...

I'm pretty stumped here, and any help would be just awesome.