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Reload Thread: Subs in a Mustang, Battery questions.

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    Subs in a Mustang, Battery questions.

    I recently got a 2010 Mustang and I want to put my old subs/amp into it. I have two 12 inch TNT American Bass subwoofers as well as the American Bass 2500 watt Phantom amplifier. So I am going to be pushing a lot of power but I will probably keep the gain down relatively low since it is a system coming from a Grand Cherokee to a Mustang. In the Jeep I had the big 3 upgrade as well as a high output alternator. I would like to avoid getting a new alternator for the Mustang if possible.

    However, the last time I went to the Ford dealership they told me that my battery was getting low. So I plan to get a new battery as well as the big 3 upgrade for the system. I've looked at kinetik batteries before and don't know if I should be looking into that brand or something else. I also have no clue what size batteries will fit into my mustang or how much power the battery should be rated for if I am going to be pushing a 1000 watt system and I have the Shaker 500 system currently in my vehicle as well. Basically, what battery brand should I be looking into that is affordable and reliable and will fit in my car while also providing the right amount of power? Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Subs in a Mustang, Battery questions.

    The stock alternator should be more than enough for a 1k watt system. Any good brand battery will do the trick as long as you dont jam out in your car a lot with the car off

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    Re: Subs in a Mustang, Battery questions.

    I like the subs, hate the car though.

    Things to look forward to:
    (2) 10" or 12" imperium audio designs subs
    set of PHD MF 6.5" comps
    Completely seal off and deaden my doors
    aquire a 2k amp
    aquire a 2 channel amp for front stage

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    Re: Subs in a Mustang, Battery questions.

    Get a decent sized AGM, do the big 3, and don't bump too much with the car off and you'll be fine for 1K watt system.

    I had a '97 with a system similar and I had very little voltage drop when playing full tilt.

    2010 Nissan Titan Cab 4x4
    HU- Pioneer AVH-5500BHS
    Comps- DD CS 6.5's
    Comp Amp- DD C5C
    Sub- 2 SA-10 D4
    Sub Amp- DC Audio 1.2K
    Wiring- a decent amount
    Big 3- Yep

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