Jvc avx77 Is the unit... I bought it on cl without testing first and what do u know...it doesnt work! Lol

Ok so i get power to it and i can hear it running...the cd drive at least. But no lights or sound at all after that. I pulled it apart just to see if therevwas anything obvious and found that there is a connector, like a flat thin one that has like 20 lines coming off of it....i know thats not making it clear but idk how to explain it. Its flexable and hooks to the cd face that flips up and the circuit board.
Anyways...that connector is worn down and not getting a connection it looks like so i cut the worn stuff off and tried it but s nothing.

Any ideas on what or how to fix it? Or where to take or send it? I live in the springfield mo area and not anywhere im aware of that works on hu's or amps.