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Reload Thread: Speakers under powered??

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    Speakers under powered??

    Hello all, New here and a novice in installation. Here is my question: I just installed 4 of these Cerwin-Vega HED365 6.5" 2-Way HED Coaxial Car Speakers into my 2008 Honda civic with factory stereo. 2 in the doors, 2 in the rear. Everything appears to be installed correctly but I'm getting a ticking noise in the rear speakers and just overall lower quality sound then the factory speakers. I have done installations in the past but always had aftermarket stereos paired with new speakers. Is this just a case of being under powered? Also I still have the factory tweeters in the upper dash connected, would that make a difference? Thanks for you help

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    Re: Speakers under powered??

    I dont think your speakers are really underpowered, sure a little but I dont think it should be detrimental to the overall performance. I wonder if you have some speakers out of phase. Try balancing and fading when the system is playing at a medium volume and see if you mid bass improves when you are out of center. If it does you must rewire the speakers so they are all in phase. as for the ticking sounds you might have to get into further detail about that.

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    Re: Speakers under powered??

    the factory amp has very little power output and your new speakers are less efficient. so it's not a good match.

    the factory speakers were perfectly sealed to the door panel which acts as the front baffle. you probably didn't recreate all factory seals on front and back of the new speakers - do that.

    newer Honda's have Active Noise Cancelling that is made to work with the factory system. you have changed the speakers so you need to deactivate the ANC system mics. look on a Civic forum for location/how-to.

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