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Reload Thread: Is there anyway to test a radio using a bypass in the house using a computer PSU?

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    Is there anyway to test a radio using a bypass in the house using a computer PSU?

    Hello All,

    I am looking to install an AppRadio 3 into my car. Before doing so, I want to test the radio and see if it works with my Android properly ect.

    I have the radio hooked up to a computer power supply just fine. I have a micro bypass bought on amazon. I have it hooked up to ground, remote line, and the parking break cable.

    Since this is not in the car, I took the the parking break wire and the wire from the bypass and grounded it as well. This allowed me to access bluetooth that was grayed out before. However, the AppRadio stuff still says I need to activate the parking break.

    Anyway to test the AppRadio functionality in the house without having to hook this all up in the car?

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    Re: Is there anyway to test a radio using a bypass in the house using a computer PSU?

    you just need to properly wire the head unit - that requires understanding what each wire is looking for (+12V or GND) to tell it the vehicle is in park.

    the bypass is essentially a relay that connects the parking brake wire to ground only when the HU is on.

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