I have two pioneer 6.5" speakers installed in my truck and they are powered by a POS 4 channel amp. All of sudden one day they were playing fine at 1/4 volume and then they just stopped all of a sudden. I turned off the radio and then turned it back on, and they played for a couple seconds and then turn off. Now everytime i turn on the radio they play for less than a second and turn off.

They were working fine for a few months. The amp is old and crappy and only 2 of the channels work. So I immediatly am leaning toward something being wrong with the amp. BUT, my problem is that my amp is installed underneathmy sub setup and it is going to be a real pain in the *** to get to it. I am going to have to take out my sub/box (which weighs over 120 pounds) out of a 2 door truck and unbolt my hold setup to get to the amp.

Does anyone have any idea what could be wrong before i go busting my *** to get the amp (besides not to install my amp in a unaccesible area)?????