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    subs and amp installation help?

    okay, im a total newbie in installing, the only thing i have installed is my HU. getting 2 10s and a amp. now how do i install these. selaed box if this helps. wiring them to 2 ohms. i hope this info. help.

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    Re: subs and amp installation help?

    first off take out ur hu....

    find the blue / white wire that says remote wire..
    it will be directly for the hu wiring harness not the adapter for it...
    connect a wire for it then run it to wherever ur runnin ur amp..
    then find ur rca's pre amp output behind ur h/u..
    connect red to red and white to white...and run them to the amp.... p.s. the only wires you'll run to the trunk r the rca's and the remote wires..from h/u

    then hook those up to ur amp......

    them u'll wANT TO HOOK UP A POWER SUPPLY to ur battery...prob 4 gauge....

    run that to the trunk.u might have to drill a hole thru the fire wall to get the wire thru...(make sure what ur drilling thru before u drill)...

    ouce u get that thru hook that up as well..ur'll have to run it thru the trim on the floor trim..

    last step is hooking up the ground...ur gunna want to run it to a nice ground...wich meens metal...once u find a good spot grind it away with sumtin to make it nice and shiny(pure metal) then secure then shall work

    p.s. i drunk

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