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    Need help from a pro

    I am installing two 12" american bass xfl 1000 rms 2000 peak with a massive 1800 rms 3600 peak mono amp with 0 guage wire with a 250 amp in line fuse,I already have a upgraded battery in the front ( not sure the specs) but I want to know if I am going to need a additional battery on the back to help power it...I was thinking about a deep cycle marine battery (not a big finical drain) but I'm not sure if that will be needed or be enough? So if anyone knows what would be right let me know the brand,amps,cca...everything I need to know to walk into a store nd buy.

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    Re: Need help from a pro

    Just as an FYI... forget about and ignore peak ratings. They are meaningless marketing jargon. Also, it doesn't matter the speakers you're driving with the amp (with respect to power supply), only the amplifier's power rating is important.

    If you're running an 1800 watt amplifier then you need ~100 amp hours of battery. Most small car batteries are ~50 amp hours and a large marine battery is ~100 ah. I'd use the largest battery I could fit under the hood and then add a second battery the same size in the rear, because you can't have too much battery for the audio system. Of course, for a budget... two 50 ah batteries would suffice.

    I would also advise you to install a big three upgrade, as your alternator is the main source of power in the vehicle and if it can't provide enough voltage and current to the batteries, then the number of batteries you have is irrelevant.

    Lastly, it would help if you shared the model number or specs of the battery you currently have. We can't help you choose a second battery if all we know is that you bought a new front battery. ;-)

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    Re: Need help from a pro

    Disclaimer: I by no means am a professional.

    Having that said, it's hard to tell you exactly what you'll need. What is your alt rated at? If I were you I'd just install everything, and if you get headlight dimming you should probably upgrade. You really should do the Big 3 either way.

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    Re: Need help from a pro

    Buy this and use it like a second battery in the trunk. Problem solved.

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    Re: Need help from a pro

    ^^what? be cheaper to just get another batt... that thing does look pretty cool tho

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    Re: Need help from a pro

    do what bbeljefe said. Also whats the year make model of the vehicle in question.

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