Hi Guys, just after a bit of your kind help as I have an annoying problem. I have recently installed a Pioneer DEH8500dab into my 2001 Passat. I have one Ground Zero Titanium Amp powering a set of New 2ohm JBL components in the front, a 4ohm 10" sub, an Edge 12 inch active sub too. After grounding the unit properly (ground wire wasn't big enough so was getting humming etc) the whole thing worked really well for a few days, lovely crisp sound, punchy etc. However, when driving my car home today I noticed the volume seemed to lower, making my turn up the headunit louder than I would normally do. All of a sudden there was a deafening scream came from the speakers, turning the volume down on the head.unit made no difference, and the only way I could stop it was to pull the front off the HU! I gingerly tried it again after a few minutes and it seemed to be ok for few seconds, but the loud screeching/humming noise returned...

Has anyone any ideas what this could be? I know Pioneer head units are getting a bit of a reputation for being flakey and wonder if it is the HU or the amp?

Cheers for any help or advice anyone can give..