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Reload Thread: Settings Gain and other settings on AMP.

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    Settings Gain and other settings on AMP.

    Hi there i am waiting for my new kicker L3 to come in the mail. I am wondering what i should have for settings on my HiFonic AMP?

    It is a HiFonic Nemsis 750D monoblock amp.
    Hifonics NX750D Monoblock Car Amplifier, Power Amp

    I will be powering a 12" kicker solobaric L3 2012 *2OHM Brand new out of the box in a shallow single enclosure.
    Kicker Solo-Baric® L3 Series 11S12L32 12" subwoofer with dual 2-ohm voice coils at

    The amp has a couple settings i can tweak. But what should they be set for this Kicker?
    Listed below are the settings in that order. (From left to right)

    Sub Sonic///Bass EQ ///Low pass///Phase///V(Gain i believe in volts)

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    Re: Settings Gain and other settings on AMP.

    Infrasonic (subsonic) should be set to just below Fb (tuning frequency of box), bass eq shouldn't be used but it can be in some situations, phase should be 0° to begin with and after setup, it can be tweaked to preference.

    Gain should be set with an oscilloscope, a DD-1 or a Digital Multimeter. It should be set with the head unit volume at its max undistorted level and if that's not known, head unit should be set at ~45% if mids/highs are powered through it and at ~80% if they are externally amplified.

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