Alright I drive a 2005 Chevy Monte Carlo. As of right now it has just the basic head unit and speakers and such. It's time for a complete upgrade. I want to have a system that can be very loud, but also has a good quality. The problem is I really have no idea where to start. What type of head unit should I buy? What type of speakers? Should I get tweeters? If so, where should I put them? What amp should I get? Subwoofer? Anything else I need? Crossovers, subwoofer enclosure, wires, anything at all? I am on somewhat of a budget, meaning I can affor quality equipment, but I cannot go crazy and ge top-of-the-line stuff. Please help me to get a plan of what to buy. Also, do I have to worry about this overloading the battery and alternator? Thanks for reading, and any help will be greatly appreciated.