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Reload Thread: Is my stock electrical capable?

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    Is my stock electrical capable?

    I'm going to be running a Flatlyne Incriminator 12 inch sub @ 1 ohm of an Soundqubed Q1-1200 (4 awg) and a Clarion XC1410 @ 80 rms 2 ohms on the fronts.

    My Acura MDX is equipped with a stock 130 amp alternator and my battery is only 1 year old and is the gold series from Advance Auto. Am I pushing it? If so is it ok to just dial back the gain on the Q1 to like 800 rms? The sub is rated for 750 rms.

    Pioneer AVH-P3400BH Head unit
    JBL 660C components in front with Clarion XC1410 Amp
    12" Incriminator Flatlyne Sub
    AQ Q1-1200D Amplifier
    Custom Sealed Box "By Highoutput Enclosures"

    Bought from: rtillaree

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    Re: Is my stock electrical capable?

    just do the big 3 and your set, that would easily handle what your throwing at it.

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    you can push more power to that sub also man.

    Clip city b1tch, clip clip city b1tch. 10's, 12's, 15's, goin up in flames b1tch.
    2009 Sienna 3.5L Subs : C2 threatcon 15s. Sub amp: hifonics brx 2400.1D x 2
    Headunit: Pioneer 80PRS bought used from vertex audio Mids/Highs amp: PPI Phantom 900.4 - bought from dragnix
    Front stage: 3 way active front stage with Massive Audio CKX 6x9 component. ckx 6x9 midbass in doors + DB drive pro audio 6.5 in the kick. Rear stage: Jbl ms62C(Its a van I need rear fill). Still NOT ENOUGH! SEND HELP!! 4 Pro Audio 10s in the future
    320 amp Singer alt almost installed. Just a group 31 deka in the back atm with big 3 finished.

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    Re: Is my stock electrical capable?

    you'll be fine

    Refs = PapaGeno21, Goindef154, 92c1v1c, Disarmer, chemmins, 97maxima, kroid777, ithertz, basscort2009, hunterw, mar08052, appleyard, millimac247, jonny101abc, sundownz, cranberryyumyum, mig139, daboyfrumdabx, skateguy92, basebalz13.

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    Re: Is my stock electrical capable?

    My 2001 Lincoln Continental has a 140 amp alternator and at night even with HID headlights I get no dimming. I'm running 1600W RMS with 2 gauge wiring, front battery is ~6 months old with a XS Power D680 in the trunk. Voltage never gets below 13V with the engine running and never below 12 with the engine off, used to dip to 10-11V with a 5 farad capacitor and 600W RMS. You should be golden, and if you do get dimming just pick up a little XS Power battery like I did for $120.

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