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    To upgrade, or not to upgrade?

    I have a stock 98 Dodge Intrepid that I just got and plan on putting all my stereo equipment in from my old car. What I would be running is a 320w speaker amp, along with a 2000w amp wired at 2ohms pushing 1300w to power my subs. My question is, is it a must to upgrade to a HO alternator and aftermarket deep cycle battery or will beefy 0/1 gauge wires and a capacitor get me by?

    Sorry if I'm breaking any unwritten rules, first post, new to the forum!

    Thanks for your input!

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    Re: To upgrade, or not to upgrade?

    If you are wanting to actually achieve these power outputs, it will not be possible with just a wire upgrade and capacitor will not get it. You have to start at the source of the power and that would be your alternator. I would go ahead and change out your alt, get a decent AMG battery and do the Big 3 for ~2.5K. Hope that was helpful.

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    Re: To upgrade, or not to upgrade?

    depends on the type of equipment your using, we need to know how legit the power your using is. if its true 1300 i dont think its mandatory to have a alt, a good batt and a nice run of wire should suffice. 1/0

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    Re: To upgrade, or not to upgrade?

    If you don't push your system full tilt constantly or for really long periods at a time, a good run of 1/0 & Do your big 3 while you're at it; is all you really need for now, a descent AGM batt is never hurts, but you can get by for now w/o as long as your current batt is healthy Don't ever waste your money on a cap - they are absolutely pointless for car audio

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