Hey guys I really need some help here, Recently my wiring harness went on my head unit so I replaced the whole unit and installed a new wiring harness, due to my head unit acting up when I took it to my mechanic to see what was going on He later called me and told me that my wiring harness was bad and that he took it out and he also removed my automatic start wires.

When I installed my new unit I hooked everything up and connected it to the battery and my subs weren't powering on because my amplifier wasn't receiving any power. I then noticed my remote turn on wire was not connected to the ring terminal underneath my dash that leads to the head unit. I hooked up the remote turn on wire to the ring terminal hoping for power and still nothing?!?!?! Is there something wrong with the way its wired? Did removing the automatic start cause any problems? Is it possible its a situation inside my actual dashboard and that I would have to have it all rewired?

FYI I had the system rewired in 2011 and converted it from 3 subs all with individual amps to 3 subs running off the same amp, and it worked fine even when my harness went the amp had power when the car turned on and it kicked the subs on. So I don't believe its a bad wire issue though I could be wrong.

Thanks guys