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Reload Thread: Wiring issues - Blaupunkt Lausanne CD31 vs 1999 model Astra

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    Icon32 Wiring issues - Blaupunkt Lausanne CD31 vs 1999 model Astra

    I am trying to find out how to get my stereo wired into my car but have the issue of the wiring harness in the car not matching the sockets on the back of the stereo.
    Car = Vauhall Astra T reg (1999 model)
    Stereo = Blaupunkt Lausanne CD31

    I would assume there is some kind of adapter kit I can get that will make it nice and easy for me and allow the "Aux" connector for a 3.5mm jack or twin phono connection for phone/mp3 player input. Im not entirely fussed about remote switches on the steering wheel but it would be nice to have that too lol


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    Re: Wiring issues - Blaupunkt Lausanne CD31 vs 1999 model Astra

    The second I saw an Astra in the title...I was like WHUT??? I knew we had a U.K. guy.

    If you look it up online. You should be able to buy a harness for your car.

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