I just bought a pair of 6x8 Treo speakers and a pair of interfire tweeters.

I installed the speakers my self on Monday(day 1). They were great worked at all volumes etc.

The next day i got my tweeters in. I put it all back together and as soon as i got to about 30/40 on my HU i noticed a very bad cracking/popping at the high frequencies.

I thought at first it was maybe my tweeters making this noise so i disconnected them only to find it was my speakers. It sounded like only the passenger side front speaker was doing it, so i unhooked it and it turns out the driver side front is too, just not as loud.

other info:
The treos also have a built in tweeter, idk if this helps.
I re connected the positives and negatives on the speakers and tweeters and tweeter high pass crossover, redoing all the crimps etc.
The speakers and tweeters were hooked up to the original speaker/tweeter wires run.
My Headunit is a double din pioneer avh2300. its not new to this setup.
I do not have my speakers or tweeters amped up yet.

I really cannot figure this out and would not be posting here if i have not read literally over 9000 threads on the interweapons.

Thanks for all the help