I've had this stereo for five or six years. Recently, the audio stopped working on everything but anything using the aux input (my wife and I have used our iPhones just fine on this). This has happened before, but usually corrected itself by powering down and starting it up again. I had subscribed to Sirius, and when this issue happened before it always occurred when I would cycle through the inputs (aux, USB, HD radio, CD, iPod) and the Sirius input would be missing. It would always come back quickly though. Now, it's been almost a week and the Sirius input hasn't shown back up. I recently cancelled my subscription to Sirius, but that shouldn't make a difference; whenever I went to the Sirius input, it just played the preview channel to entice a subscription. When I put in a CD or switch to the iPod, the display shows up like normal and counts down like it's playing the song. I get no error message. The speakers obviously work because the sound comes on when I plug in something to the aux.

I have an Alpine CDA-9886 head unit, Alpine speakers, and an Alpine amplifier. Does anyone have any idea how to get my sound back?