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Reload Thread: radio, amp, speaker wiring help!!!

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    radio, amp, speaker wiring help!!!

    Hello guys, I need help with a setup that I'm trying to install for my dad. He has a Pioneer DEH-15UB and a Kenwood KAC5204. I know enough about wiring but a bit confused with the setup im trying to obtain. He's not looking for bass, just nice crisp clean music. For speakers, he has in the rear, Sony Xplod XS-R6944 6" x 9" 4-Way Speakers and in front which we have relocated to the doors, he has Scosche HD4603 - 4" x 6" 3-Way which sound surprising great. He wants to connect all 4 speakers to amp which is no problem but I'm lost how to wire the radio. Do I still wire the front speakers accordingly and do I use the speaker level input on amp. All speakers run at 4 ohms......Thanks to those who reply!!

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    Re: radio, amp, speaker wiring help!!!

    The HU only has one set of pre-outs so unless the amp can run off one set, you will need a Y adapter at the amp to split the RCA's to feed all four inputs. RCA inputs can be used, you don't need high-level inputs. but you lose your fader this way. you can adjust gains to attain the desired balance of front and rear.

    the speaker wires on the head unit will not be used. tape them off individually, like this:

    then wire each speaker to each channel on the amp. if you use factory wiring, you can access the speaker wires in the dash. hopefully you have the wire harness adapter so you are NOT cutting factory wires in the dash. obviously, if you can access the rear speakers easily, you can wire them directly and use the factory rear wires to feed the front speakers (connect in harness behind HU) and save yourself some wiring hassle.

    use amp crossovers to high pass the 4x6 around 200Hz so they don't distort.

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