New guy here..

Okay, I've got 2 JL W6v2 12" subs in a ported box.
I have 2 rockford fosgate prime 500.1 amps, one for each sub.
My wiring is 6g scotch, they cheap all in one pack.

Alright so what I have done is ran my fusable power wire from battery to one amp, from that amp I have about a foot of the same wire with a fuse link running to the second amp.
The ground is set up the same way & ran to the frame.
My RCA comes from the head unit to one amp then from the pass- thru to the next amp.
Then I have each sub bridged to one amp.

Everything works as it should, the wire gets a tad but warm but I plan on upgrading it to a bigger gage.

So my question is,

1. What do you guys think about how I have set this up? Is there a better way?

2. One my amp, there is gain, lpf, & punch control.
I have the gain at around 3 1/2 , the lpf at 55, & the punch almost all the way down.
What my best setup for a little bang and good sound quality? I have trouble hitting some bass lines that I feel like JL should hit. Maybe it's my cheap jvc head?

3. Are these amps going to be to much for the subs? I seen it as instead of a 1000w running at full capacity two 500w would run cooler and stronger.

4. So the other night when I was adjusting everything and playing music the Bass was hitting and 1 speaker made a pop. I turned it off immediately, as I looked around I set the gain the wrong way and it was at maximum, I did some research and I believe I what I head was the speaker reaching it maximum mechanical limit and the voice coil hitting te magnet, it only happened once, do you think this could have damaged the speaker or weakened it? Or will I be okay?

I just don't want to damage my investment and want to make sure I'm doing everything correctly.
So thanks in advance!!