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    Need Amp tuning help

    Okay, so I have a Clif Designs CDX-20A and a Treo Engineering SSX 15.

    My head unit is a JVC KDR540, my line driver is a Rockford Fosgate RF-BLD.

    I am tuning my system using a DMM. Unfortunately I do not have a distortion detector to help with tuning, so I need some advice.

    I have tuned my amplifier to these setting hoping for success.
    Bass level: -6 Range: -6 to +6
    Sub level: 0 Range: -8 to +8
    Volume: 30 out of 50

    Line Driver: About 3/4th's up, not even barely reading on the 2V meter on hardest hitting song, but read up to the 3V meter when tuning.

    Amp: Gain is set to slightly over half, no db bass boost. The speaker outputs read 79V at 2 ohms or about 3000 watts when tuning with a 0db 50hz tone.

    However whenever I play my hardest hitting song (bass mekanik), it clips at Volume 26, and sounds fine at 25, but when I dmm it at volume 25 it is only putting out 30V, out of the speaker outputs.

    Something is wrong I believe. It is really loud, but I believe it could be louder if I am not wrong.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    Re: Need Amp tuning help

    what is the max volume of your head unit?

    You sound like you've done your research and are going about things the best way you can, good for you!

    How I normally do my system is I set the HU volume to aprox. 75% (HUs may clip the signal if they are turned close to max volume)
    set amp gain to 0
    set all bass settings to 0
    disconnect speakers/subs from amp
    turn on, put in cd, hook up aux or however you are getting ur 50hz tone.
    go to the amp with the DMM, set to ac voltage.
    check output on the channel you want, then turn gain up on amp until you see the correct voltage u are looking for for your desired RMS or application.
    Now if your HU and amp are worth their weight you shouldn't need to get near max gain at all to get the voltage reading your looking for.

    Now doing all this will ensure you are sending the correct amount of power to your subs, however clipping can still be a factor even after you do this right. Some amps/HUs are just lousy and clip at higher volumes.

    Doing the above things will ensure the right amount of power, but how clean or dirty that power is has a lot to do with a lot of other factors.

    It sounds like you are running a lot of power, you will want to take time to make sure you have an electrical system that can handle that much power.

    things to think about:
    Wire, OFC is best, or silver tinned copper. CCA can be used but is not the most recommended, OFC is better for heat and efficiency.
    alternator, is yours stock? how many amps is it rated for, vs how many amps do you have the potential to be using, you may need a high output alternator.
    Big 3 electrical, upgrade alternator power wire and engine/chasis ground wires for engine to 1/0 or 0gauge.
    You may need multiple good batteries.

    The way to know what your electrical can handle is to get your amp setup, then play hard hitting music and watch your voltage. you don't want to dip much below 12 volts.

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    Re: Need Amp tuning help

    Thank you for the lengthy response, I appreciate it a lot!

    It clicked in my head after you made this post that maybe I need to turn up my bass level. It is currently at -6. I figured that would only affect the bass going to my speakers and not my subwoofer since there is a subwoofer level. I was wrong, I tested that thought, when I increase the bass level my sub gets a lot louder.

    I am going to try re-tuning it when I get time with the bass flat at 0 instead of -6 and sub output at 0. I don't want to **** off the neighbors doing it 2 days in a row lmao.

    My electrical is pretty beefy. I have not noticed any dimming of lights or anything like that with what it is tuned at right now, but I also might not be getting all the power I should be getting.

    My electrical consists of a 200 amp mechman alternator, 0 gauge KNU CCA all around, the Big 3, and 2 100AH Alphacell's in the trunk. Plus when I upgrade my battery under the hood that will help as well.

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