Hi, I'm new here and just wanted some advice on how to wire up the followings amps, speakers and sub the best way, I have a fair bit of knowledge but wanted to know how to get the best out of my amps. I would like to know what speakers and subs to connect to which amp and what channel do I put them on etc....

I have a...

mchammer mystic 2700w 4 channel amp-4x350 rms- 2x700 rms

Alpine t220 250w 2 channel amp

Audiobahn alum12n 2000w subwoofer dual voice coil 6 ohm, 1000w rms

Edge 6x9 300w speakers- 100w rms

Bass face 500w speakers- 250w rms coaxial

Audiobahn 200w speakers - 100 rms

Any help would be much appreciated.