so long story short, i have 2 crescendo bc2000's strapped in which each have their own tsunami 200 amp circuit breaker. one amp kept going into protect, so sent it off to get repaired. got it back, same thing! was pretty pissed off. thought i had to send the amp back. as a last resort i decided to check my voltage at the amps rather than batteries. turns out these things created a pretty decent voltage drop! about 1/2 a volt each... somehow voltage spikes must have been getting through or something, putting my amp into protect. now running amps without them, and doesn't go into protect! although, my voltage does still drop. need more power i supposed. so my question is, any of you ran into this problem? and will a fuse present the same problem? the whole reason i got them was its a lot cheaper to reset a circuit breaker than buy a new fuse, but i guess thats what i get for trying to take short cuts :/