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    Icon9 Noob needs help

    Hey just got a new car with a head unit already installed.. Don't know if it has something to do with the wiring but when you fade all the way to the back sound comes out the front speakers and when you fade to the front you hear nothing at all.. I know a blown speaker sounds like crackling and at least a little sound will come out but we hear nothing at all... Don't know what to do from here or where to even start to check if its the speakers that have something wrong or if the wiring isn't right... Not even sure how to check the wiring at all so your advice would really help!

    I got a new set of wires to replace anything that needs replacing....


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    Re: Noob needs help

    start by figuring out what else is going on. is there an amp somewhere (either factory or aftermarket)? remove the head unit and look for RCA cables that would feed an amp. also look at connections in general. what make/model head unit? what make/model car? are there rear speakers?

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    Re: Noob needs help

    it has to be that they didnt wire it correctly. i accidently wired my front speakers to the rear wires from the head unit

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