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    Daisy Chaining

    Situation: I am attempting to connect a Selenium d250x driver to my current setup. As of now, I have used all three pre-amp outs from my headunit. The front/rear outputs connect to a Kicker 350.4 which does not have output RCAs. The sub output connects to a Kicker 750.1. Now, on the 750.1, there is an RCA output.

    Question: Will the RCA output on my sub amp output the ORIGINAL un-altered signal OR will it output the low-passed signal?

    Essentially, what want to do is create a 4th RCA output to feed into a 2-chan Polk Audio amp in order to power the horn driver....without using a splitter or line-output converter. Am I being too picky here?

    Car: 2001 Camry
    Alt: Stock 90amps
    Bat: Optima YellowTop
    Head unit: Kenwood Excelon x396 w/ 4volt outs
    Amp1 / Subs: Kicker 750.1 - 2 12inch L3's (400RMS each)
    Amp2 / Speakers: Kicker 350.4 - 2 RS Series Comps for Front (100RMS each) and 2 KS Series 6 x 9's for Rear (90RMS each)

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    Re: Daisy Chaining

    the sub output will not be filtered if you are only using amp crossovers. it will have any filtering or level control applied that is done at the head unit.

    what is more important is that the new speakers are on the same HU output channel as the speakers they are paired up with. you want fader and balance to remain.

    i would prefer a splitter (and use them with no issues) over anything that compromised balance or fader control.

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