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Reload Thread: Speakers Running Off of HU Question

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    Speakers Running Off of HU Question

    So I have my two front, and two rear speakers running off a 4 chan amp, and a sub off the sub amp but I left my aftermarket dash speakers doing there own thing off the HU. Is there a way to make them a little quieter compared to my other speakers OTHER then raising the gain on them.

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    Re: Speakers Running Off of HU Question

    What HU? If it has the necessary features you could use the rear outs of the head unit for your amp and use the fader to decrease the volume of the speakers wired to the front. Or you could turn the internal HU amp off by finding the Power IC feature and turning it off which would completely turn off any speakers being ran only off the HU. Again only if your HU has these capabilities.

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    Re: Speakers Running Off of HU Question

    Two ways to do that - Fade the fronts down and compensate by raising the gain up. Or put power resistors in series with the dash speakers to lower their volume. You'd have to experiment with how much resistance is right, but putting 3 ohm 10 watt resistors in there usually works.

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