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Reload Thread: JVC Receiver has no lights when off. Ideas?

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    JVC Receiver has no lights when off. Ideas?

    I just replaced an OEM CD deck with a JVC unit in my 2004 F150. Wanted to add Ipod capability, but the Ford AUX adapter was $180, so the JVC was a cheaper solution.

    I like the deck, but there is one glaring problem. When you're driving with your lights on and the radio off, there are NO LIGHTS on the radio. The darn clock doesn't even light. Therefore, it's impossible to see the unit in the dark. That means that I either have to turn on the overhead lights, or fiddle around in the dark. When I found this out, I cursed the engineers who designed the thing this way.

    It's too much of a hassle to remove the unit and send it back, so I figured I would ask for ideas on how to remedy this? I'd like to install a small LED in the backlight area of the front panel, and connect it to the dimmer / illumination lead, but that would void the warranty. The other idea is to add a thin, LED tube of some sort over the top of the unit that would provide illumination, but I have no idea if there is such a thing out there.

    Can people offer up some solutions, products or ideas that might work?


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    Re: JVC Receiver has no lights when off. Ideas?

    most head units shut off completely - those that don't are cursed more often for being to flashy and bright.

    if it's that dark, a single LED in the headliner/overhead shining down to generally illuminate the area is probably your best bet. you could put a potentiometer on it to manually dim/control. it would also help illuminate cup holders.

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