Alright guys im having some voltage problems but i have no idea whats causing it. I did the big 3 about a month or two ago and everything was fine, voltage wouldnt drop below 13.5 volts at idol. Well today i got my voltage meter in, hooked it up, and took off. I live about 2 mins from the highway so i got on the highway and turned the system up, voltage once again didnt drop below 13.5 volts. Well i got off the interstate and the voltage dropped to 12.5 volts, so i turned the system down and the car stayed at 12.5 volts. I drove for prolly 15 mins and it stayed the same, so i thought maybe its the meter? Got out and checked the battery and alt both read 12.5 on the dmm (with the car on). I got back on the interstate volts went back up to 14.4 and i turned the system back up, everything was fine. So before i got off the interstate i turned the sytem off and the voltage still dropped to 12.5. So i headed to advanced to get them to check everything, they said everything was fine, and the car was back to reading 14.4 volts. I left and mesed with the system a little bit. I turned it up about 1/4 volume and voltage dropped to 12.5 and stayed that way until i got home. I have an ap 1500 @ 1 ohm and a hifonics hfi 4 channel putting out maybe 2-300 watts. Electrical system is stock alt/batt with big 3 done (yes i know its sub par electrical). My question is what is the problem? the alt or the batt? Everyone ive asked so far says i just need a bigger battery, but why would it drop when im not on the interstate and stay up while i was on it? Im leaning towards batt as well as honda batts are fucking tiny.