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    Shielded RCA's

    Hello everyone! My stereo was picking up heavy amounts of engine noise/whine, I moved the ground location for my headunit (from harness to chassis) and my amplifier ground as well. Neither helped. Then a thought struck me; maybe my $1 RCA's might be picking up this noise! I held my headunit away from the dash, and moved the RCA's away as well, and the noise dissapeared. I glanced inside my dash and 3 sets of 3 wires going to the 3 12v power supplies on the dash were sitting right there!! I moved my RCA's close to these wires and the noise increased, I moved them away and the noise went away. So now that I've told my story, can someone please tell me which specific RCA cable can protect against power radiation when the RCA is practically sitting directly on top of a a jumble of 10 gauge wires running 12v through them? Thank you!!

    Also, under $30 would be awesome and preferably 3ft or 20ft

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    Re: Shielded RCA's

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