I have recently purchased the JBL GT5-2402BR Subs and Box set

and am thinking about getting a Boss AR1600.2 amp.

I am unsure if these are compatible or if I will be able to get the max power out of the amp when it is wired to this pair of 12s. The site i got them from says the subs are wired parallel inside the box and have a final impedance of 2 ohms. Can someone explain to a noob what the whole bridging thing is and how to wire this up properly for maximum total and rms power?

ps im fairly certain this amp is crap but im also fairly certain that the subs are decent and as long as the amp will power them i am all set. I could also go with a sony XM-ZZR3301 if it will be any better. Both are in my price range. Also i would have put in links but the post editor would not let me.