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    jl w7 popping sound

    I have a jl w7 with a 1000/ in my f350. Ive had it in there for over a year now. I have had no issues. Recently i went to go out the other day. Sub wasnt hitting. So i checked all the connections to find out the sub would only hit when the center (+) part of the RCA were plugged in. If you slid the RCA on all the way the sub would stop. So i had my buddy who does car audio, take my 1000/ apart and he thought that the solder joints could be broken and is common so he checked and they were fine. One of the prongs were bent a tiny bit. He bent it backed put amp back together. I tried it same issue. So today i was driving. The sub started going out of control popping making weird noices with the RCA completely disconnected. Done some research cannot get a straight answer. Some say sub is blown. Which doesnt make sense to me because the thing hits and sound quality is the same as when it was brand new when it is hitting. Others say the the issue is in the amp because it is still sending power to the sub. but i cant get a straight answer what could be wrong with amp. Thirdly someone said the amp case could be grounding out and that could be the issue for the popping. So i disconnected the speaker wire going from the sub to amp and that obviously stopped the popping. So i dont know if i have two separate issues or if they are the same problem. Until the popping i was going to get a new set of monster RCA cables and might just still do that. But I need suggestions. I dont wanna blow either the sub or amp. Any suggestions would be helpful thanks

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    Re: jl w7 popping sound

    Do you have another amp or maybe borrow a friends amp to start eliminating possible problems? If the sub works fine with a different amp then something in the amp is bad. Also try checking each of your wires to make sure they aren't grounding anywhere and make sure your grounding point for the amp is a very clean and tight contact with the metal. Try scraping the paint off of the point where it is grounded to and then reattach the ground and see if that helps. It also could have worked its way a little loose after a year. Could also possibly just be a bad set of RCA's and that would be a simple $10 fix.

    *Side note: Don't buy monster RCA's, they really aren't worth the money. Try some Stringer, or KnuKoncept Krystal Kables. They are probably equal quality for much less.*

    *Other Side Note: Make sure you unplug your battery (if not at least turn off car) before swapping wires/grounds/RCA's out*

    Things To Try in Order:
    1. Check Wires for grounding, especially in the firewall area.
    2. Check/Redo Ground
    3. Swap out RCA's
    4. Try a different amp

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    Re: jl w7 popping sound


    13 Dodge Dart Rallye 1.4T<


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