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Reload Thread: Help Brand New Amp wont turn on!

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    Help Brand New Amp wont turn on!

    Hey guys I just finished installing my amp + subwoofers. I checked the wiring and im 100% sure i did everything right. Ran 4 gauge power wire from battery to fuse then to another fuse (one fuse from amp install kit and another bigger one from amp i bought itself) then finally to the amp. I even connected the remote wire from the amp to my sony xplod head unit.

    Can anyone help me figure out what is wrong?

    I also have 2 other amps connected to the car but they are for the mid speakers and have no other interference other than using the same remote wire.

    I've tried everything but the amp power led just wont turn on or play any bass.

    Please help thanks!

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    Re: Help Brand New Amp wont turn on!

    check your ground and check your fuses...also check the remote for any breaks in the line....and why do you have 2 fuses on the same power line going to the amp

    also the remote wire may not have enough juice to turn on 3 amps so you may need a relay

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    Re: Help Brand New Amp wont turn on!

    Try unhooking all the amps from the remote. power each one individually. You may need to use a Relay to power the amps. Your had unit probly cant power three amps they usually are low voltage enough for 1-2 amps

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    Re: Help Brand New Amp wont turn on!

    do a quick jump from with a little peice of wire from the power terminal to the remote, if the amp turns on then its a wiring problem, if not its a bad amp or problems in your power or ground to that particular amp

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