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Reload Thread: Electrical problems after problems. Please help!

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    Electrical problems after problems. Please help!

    I have a 2012 Buick Regal and with this eassist on it no matter how many batteries or alternators I try or use nothing seems to help. I have burned up a 220 amp alt and a 240 amp alt from Mechman both in a month. I have the big 3, a die hard AGM 750 cca, 60 AH up front and 2 Kinetik 1800 in the back with a new 240 amp alt. Tested 15.2 up front and 15.1 in the back with the car on. With the sounds on 13.9.

    I have an arc audio 300.4 and 2 Rockford 1500.1 bdcp amps. The bass will not hit as hard within 15 minutes of playing it always with the car running. Then different things start going wrong like the car acting like it's going to stall, I get this message saying "Battery Saver Active" and the heat might stop for a minute, next the wipers will be in slow motion. After I park the car for a while and get back in everything is fine for about 15 minutes again.

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    Re: Electrical problems after problems. Please help!

    i suspect voltage is being pulled down substantially, below 12 volts. could be the ECM controlling the alternator. that message is evidence that the car's computer is reacting to excessive voltage drop.

    i suspect you need to turn it down a bit and see if it's only when listening at very high volumes.

    could be a short. disconnect one of the amps and see if the problem goes away, try both one at a time.

    have you been helped by me? i'd love to know. shoot me a PM.

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