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    Subs getting no sound

    2000 S10 Xtreme

    HU: Pioneer DEH-2200UB
    Subs: 2 Fusion Cs-SW120
    (Paid $100, so not bad til I can afford better)

    Wiring Diagram:

    First I hooked up the amp to be sure it got power. Did that, then moved onto subs. I prewired them in the box, lugged the box and put it in the very limited space i built it for (lol) .. Turn on the truck and no sound from the subs. This amp is supposed to have a bass knob, so I hooked up an old Planet Audio one to it and when I play around with that the subs make kind of a feedback noise, same thing happens when I mess with the inputs.

    Any ideas?

    I hope its not the inputs because last time I had a system I thought that might be it and put all brand new wiring in. That ended up not being what was wrong so I just bought this stuff off a friend.

    I definitely hope its not the headunit. I have to tear apart my entire dash just to take it out.

    Anyways, any help is greatly appreciated!

    Thanks guys!

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    Re: Subs getting no sound

    Are your RCA's good?

    2007 Black Diamond FJ Cruiser with Box built by Pro-Rabbit
    H/U Kenwood DNX6960
    Sub: 1-18" Zv3 with NS coils and cone Sub Amp: Mmats 2100.2
    Front Stage: Hybrid Audio L6 mids, SEAS Neo Tweets, SAX 100.4, RF 3sixty.2
    Bought From: Rio, davidtemple, Bassin Buick, Pro-Rabbit, Kangaroux, KyleBechtold Traded With: WhiteDragon551 Sold To: jdmeklove, Kpozr2, 97accordalpine

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    Re: Subs getting no sound

    Are the subs new or used? If you tried another amp and no sound came out of the sub, more than likely the voice coils may be fried.

    2012 Volkswagen GTI 4dr
    * Factory RCD-510 H/U
    * MASSIVE AUDIO CK 6X 6.5 components
    * Alpine 3547 2-channel amp
    * Audison SR 1D monoblock amp
    * MASSIVE AUDIO TW10 10" sub in 1.36cu ft ported box (tuned @ 35Hz)
    * Streetwires OFC 4awg power/ground wires
    * Audio Control LC2i line output converter
    * Audio Control ACR-1 remote knob

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